Tibetan Jewelry is also known as Buddhist jewelry or Himalayan jewelry. Traditionally large and ornate, Tibetan jewelry now comes in a wide variety of styles, from plain jewelry without gemstones, to large and ornate pieces. Tibetan jewelry includes pendants, bracelets, earrings, rings, and prayer boxes, or ghaus. Tibetan jewelry is made from real gemstones and it can be made from sterling silver, plated silver, copper, or brass.

Medicine bracelets, made from a combination of silver, copper, and brass, are popular because of their healing properties. Many gemstones also have healing properties like turquoise, which helps with health issues, and tiger eye, which helps with depression. Some of our pieces are plain or only have gemstones, and other jewelry items have Buddhist symbols. Popular symbols include the eight auspicious signs or one of the signs such as the eternity knot or the lotus flower. We also have mantras on many jewelry items. The most common mantra is ‘om mani padme hum’, also written, ‘om mani padme hung’, which means ‘hail to the jewel in the lotus’. This is Chenrezig’s mantra and is the most well-known Tibetan Buddhist mantra, both inside and outside of Tibet. Tibetan jewelry is lovely to look at, and the spiritual aspect of this jewelry is an added bonus.

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Tibetan jewelry (Himalayan jewelry) is made in Tibet, Nepal, and India. Tibetan jewelry often incorporates turquoise, coral, and other gemstones.

At Om Tibetan Jewelry, it is our goal to offer fair trade Tibetan jewelry at reasonable prices. Each jewelry item in our store is chosen by us, and we continue to update our store with new and interesting items each week. If you are interested in wholesale from Om Tibetan Jewelry, please see our wholesale section for more information.

Some common symbols used in our Tibetan jewelry include the “Om” symbol, the eight auspicious Buddhist signs symbol, the double dorje symbol, the Buddha eyes symbol, and the prayer wheel symbol. For more information on the symbols used in making Tibetan jewelry, please see our glossary section.