Dorje Tibetan Buddhist Pendant- Sterling Silver, Coral, and Turquoise

The dorje symbol is the most important symbol in Vajrayana Buddhism. Dorje means indestructible, diamond, and literally noble stone. The dorje symbolizes the thunderbolt of enlightenment, the moment of clarity that all Buddhists are hoping to one day attain. Vajra is the sanskrit word for dorje. (Vajra came first.) In Tantric Buddhism the dorje represents the masculine while the bell (which the dorje is often paired with) represents the feminine. The dorje also represents the mind of the Buddha while the bell represents the body of the Buddha, and when the dorje is brought together with the bell then the sound of the bell is the Buddha’s speech. This dorje pendant is made from sterling silver, with coral and turquoise stones around the outside. This pendant is 1.5 inches long and .25 of an inch wide. This Tibetan Buddhist dorje/vajra pendant was handmade in Nepal.