The Lotus Flower Symbol in Buddhism

The lotus flower symbol is one of the most important of the Eight Auspicious symbols. These symbols include the two fish symbol, the eternity knot symbol, and the parasol symbol. The lotus flower is one of the most important symbols associated with Buddhism. This symbol is often shown in Buddhist artwork because this symbol is closely related to the idea of enlightenment.

The lotus flower’s symbolism and the lotus position itself have great layers of complexity. The lotus flower is so important because the lotus position is integral to the study of Buddhism. The lotus position is often misunderstood. This position is often even used in meditation by those who are able to achieve it without a full understanding of the meaning behind the pose. It is often said that 20 minutes in lotus position is the equivalent of 4 hours in another position. But for those whose hips are too tight for the lotus pose, you can also use half lotus pose, or sit in siddhasana (cross-legged with the knees propped on the feet) for meditation.

In order to understand the meaning behind the lotus you must look beyond the surface. The lotus flower is so important in Buddhism because of key components that exist within the flower itself. The lotus is able to bloom in murky water, while shedding its seeds simultaneously. This is related to the idea of karma in Buddhism. This is because the notion of karma is centered on the idea of cause and effect. Karma can prove to be a salvation or your own undoing depending on your approach to living your life, and how you deal with others you meet in life.

Lotus flowers float on water. This water may be clear and clean or it may also be murky or dark. Therefore, peace and serenity can be found in any type of environment. The water’s filth is representative of the evil present in the world, but yet the lotus flower rises above the dirt of her environment and is a thing of beauty. The reason for meditating in the lotus position is to represent the fact that you can rise above the difficulties of life by maintaining composure and the proper outlook. One of the central themes of Buddhism is to retain a calm mind in different environments regardless of the setbacks life may present. The lotus flower is itself born from the mud, but it rises above its dark origins. This is symbolic of enlightenment, that we can emerge from the evil of this world and become something purely beautiful. It could be said that the essence of humans is inside of symbolism of the lotus flower. And even in our day-to-day lives, it is important to remember that we can elevate ourselves into a brighter future.

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