The Uses of Prayer Wheels in Tibetan Buddhism

Tibetan Buddhism is a unique religion because a variety of items are implemented into the process of worship. One of these items is the prayer wheel. As interest in these items has grown, it is common to see such items purchased for the sake of display. But the reason for the invention of prayer wheels reflects the deep tradition of Tibetan culture and religious worship that has lasted for many centuries.

A prayer wheel is a cylinder made from wood or metal. It is common to see a prayer, also know as a mantra, written or carved or engraved on the outside of the prayer wheel. The mantra on the outside of the prayer wheel when spun is said to be transmitted in the same way that an oral prayer would be. Prayers or mantras are often also rolled up on the inside of the prayer wheel. The scroll rolled up inside the prayer wheel when spun on its axis is said to have the same effect as the mantra on the outside of the prayer wheel, or by reciting the mantra. Prayer flags are also designed for the same purpose.

The prayer wheel was first developed in Tibet 1600 years ago. The prayer wheel was designs because of the words of the Buddha himself, when he said the phrase, turning the wheels of dharma. This phrase was the inspiration for the first prayer wheel that was made to spread the teachings of the Buddha. Prayer wheels were also made for those who were illiterate. In this way they could spin the prayer wheel and it is the same as saying the mantra or prayer.

It is also said that spinning the prayer wheel represents the human body. The prayer wheel represents the flow of energy through the chakras. (The chakras are 7 energy points found in the body, and it is said that when these 7 points are out of alignment, various physical and emotional ailments will occur). By being in tune with the wheels energy, it is possible to project the energy of your chakras into the prayer wheel.

Some prayer wheels also have sound vibrations that are integrated as another way of spreading the mantra. When the wheel is spun, it resonates vibrations intended to tune the meridian points (chakra points) in the body in order to create a synergy of the chakras with each other. Correct alignment of the chakras, in addition to just making us feel better, is also said to help us on our path to enlightenment.

Prayer wheels are believed to be another way to spread the message of Buddhism, and they can also acquire positive energy from the environment. It is said to be possible for a prayer wheel to capture good karmic energy. After a while, the prayer wheel is able to accumulate positive energy while also expunging negative emotions.

Prayer wheels come in a variety of sizes. Many of us have seen the large, furniture prayer wheels and garden prayer wheels. But there are also small, standing prayer wheels, small hand-held prayer wheels, and small and large wall mounted prayer wheels. Prayer wheels are a unique find, and they make beautiful decoration, whether they are intended for religious or decorative use.

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