he Tibetan dorje, or vajra, stands for the ‘thunderbolt of enlightenment’. In Tantric Buddhism, the bell symbol stands for the female element, and the dorje stands for the male element. When the bell and the dorje symbol are paired, then the masculine and feminine elements come together. The feminine element, the bell (ghanta), symbolizes wisdom. The double dorje symbol is also known as the vishvavajra. The double dorje symbol represents pure, untainted consciousness. Vishva is sanskrit for ‘the world as we experience it.’ The Vishvavajra is the symbol of Amoghsiddhi. The Tibetan Buddhist phurba represents a dagger (although phurbas are not sharp), and is used in Buddhist Tantric philosophy to represent the ability to overcome obstacles and destroy evil. Click the orange numbers at the top right of the Tibetan Bells and Dorjes section to see pages 2 and so on, or click ‘view all’ to see all bracelets in this section at one time.