Tibetan Buddhist Prayer Beads, or Mala Beads, have many uses. Prayer beads can be used for meditation or to center your focus. Prayer beads are used in Tibetan Buddhism and they are also used in Hinduism and many other religions. They are similar to the catholic rosary but Buddhist prayer beads are generally longer than Catholic prayer beads and frequently have 108 beads on each mala. Our Buddha prayer beads come in many different types of material including wooden prayer beads, bodhi seed prayer beads, turquoise prayer beads, and jade prayer beads.

Tibetan Buddhist prayer beads can also be used for decoration or worn as a necklace or as a bracelet. Our beautiful Tibetan Buddhist prayer beads come in many different styles and there is a perfect style for everyone and for every mood. The singing bowls pictured with some of the Tibetan Buddhist prayer beads are not included. If you would like to make your own mala or enhance your existing mala, check out our Loose Beads section.